Libros de lectura en inglés para nivel A1

En Learn & Enjoy, pensamos que el proceso de aprendizaje de un idioma, no debe ser asistir de forma pasiva a clases aburrida gramaticales. Aprender un idioma, en esta caso el ingles, es y debe ser un proceso ameno e interactivo. En nuestra academia de ingles de Leganes, encontraréis una serie de herramientas y mecánicas, destinadas a fomentar el aprendizaje cooperativo.  Por ello, creemos que en este proceso, el alumno debe interactuar con el idoma, fuera de la clase, bien a través de series o películas, o bien a través de lecturas en ingles, para ello, os dejamos aquí una pequeña selección para todos aquellos que se están iniciando en el aprendizaje de un idioma.

Aquí os traeros un listado con 20 libros de lectura para el nivel A1 de ingles. Eso si, queremos haceros una aclaración, para evitar que penséis que “esto es demasiado nivel para mí”. No debéis tener miedo ya que muchas editoriales, lo que suelen hacer es realizar adaptaciones en diferentes niveles, reduciendo (en este caso) o aumentando el número de palabras; siendo estos libros de unas 400-600 palabras. Así que cuando vayáis a comprar un ejemplar, tenéis que pedir siempre que os den aquel de vuestro nivel, no sirve con decir: – Quiero un ejemplar de Los viajes de Gulliver. Porque tal vez os den uno con un lenguaje mucho más complicado.

Y aclarado este punto, pasemos a ver cuáles son los 20 libros que os recomendamos a los que estéis en el nivel A1 de inglés.

  1. A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court:Hank Morgan is a happy young man in Connecticut, USA, in 1879 until one day someone runs into his office and shouts, ‘Come quickly, Boss! Two men are fighting.’ After this, something very strange happens to him, and his life changes forever.
  2. Gulliver’s Travels in Lilliput:When Gulliver’s ship, The Antelope, sinks in the Far East, he is forced to swim to the strange, miniature land of Lilliput, where he is held a prisoner! In order to escape, Gulliver must befriend and learn the language of the tiny people of Lilliput.
  3. Little Women:This is the much-loved story of the four March sisters. Meg is the eldest and is about to fall in love. Then there’s tomboy Jo who wants to be a writer. Kind Beth who always puts other people before herself, and finally there’s Amy, the youngest and most precocious. Although times are difficult and their father is away at war, they never forget their sense of fun. Growing up is not always easy but it is very rewarding.
  4. A little trouble in California:Twins, Andy and Mary, are in California on holiday with their parents. Mary takes some photos with her new camera and the twins soon discover that someone does not want to be photographed. Why?
  5. Tales of Alhambra:Travel back in time to the Alhambra, a place of magic and mystery. Peregil, a water carrier, discovers an ancient spell to recover hidden treasure, but he isn’t the only one looking for it. Don Vincent, a poor student, finds a magic ring that leads him to the treasure of the Alhambra. Ibrahim, an Arabian astrologer, helps King Aben Habuz conquer his enemies, but the king must pay the price. Washington Irving will captivate you with this collection of popular tales.
  6. Sally’s Phone:  Sally is always running – and she has her phone with her all the time: at home, on the train, at work, at lunchtime, and at the shops. But then one afternoon suddenly she has a different phone . . . and it changes her life.
  7. Blood Diamonds:Diamonds smuggled from the bloody civil-war zones of Africa and traded illegally for weapons are known as ‘blood diamonds’. London journalists Harley Kirkpatrick and Annie Shepherd sense the scoop of a lifetime when they try to trap a deal in the diamonds. But who is trapping who and are the people involved what they seem?
  8. Dangerous Journey: Four members of a team making a geological survey for a mining company find themselves trapped deep in a forest when they are delayed by heavy rains. Can Leon successfully lead them to safety?
  9. A pretty face:Zoe Baker works in a bookstore. She also likes acting, and she has a part in the play Romeo and Juliet. Mike Morrison writes about the play for the newspaper. What does he write about Zoe? Is Zoe a good actress … or is she just ‘a pretty face’? What does Zoe think when she reads the newspaper? What does she do?
  10. Fireball’s Heart:Chief Wise Owl’s people always tell the truth. But Chief Strong Buffalo doesn’t believe him.
    He thinks of a plan to get Dark Eyes, the Indian who looks after all of the tribe’s horses, to tell a lie.
    Can Dark Eyes win the test or is Chief Strong Buffalo right?
  11. Good Wives:The lives of the March sisters, begun in Little Women, have moved on, The American Civil War has ended and the men have returned from the fighting. The oldest sister, Meg, is engaged to be married to John Brooke, one-time tutor to the Marches’ neighbour, Laurie Lawrence. Laurie, disappointed after being refused by the spiri ted and single-minded Jo, goes to Europe with his grandfather and meets up again with the youngest March sister, Amy. Meanwhile, Jo pursues a career as a writer in New York. She, too, is looking for happiness, but is drawn back to her home when she learns that her beloved sister, Beth, is dangerously ill.
  12. A Halloween Tale:It’s Halloween. Ben Jackson and his parents are forced to spend the night in a village called Bayley. When they arrive at the village inn, the man at the reception desk warns them to leave before it’s too late. Something strange is going on, but what? Terrible things happen in Bayley on Halloween and Ben is in for a big surprise.
  13. Dead man’s money:When Cal Dexter rents one of the Blue Lake Cabins, he finds $3000 – under the floor! He doesn’t know it, but it is the money from a bank robbery. A dead man’s money. ‘Do I take it to the police?’ he thinks. But three more people want the money, and two of them are dangerous. Can Cal stop them?
  14. Jack’s Endless Summer:It’s summer and it’s too hot to do anything. Jack doesn’t know what to do. He goes to the park, he goes to the pool, he meets his friends. This summer is really boring. Then one evening some boys hurt a hawk. Jack is the only person who can help. Suddenly Jack’s summer isn’t boring any more.
  15. L.A. Detective:Lenny Samuel, a private investigator from Los Angeles, appears in this series at all five levels, In this story, Lenny is forced to do a job for a wealthy businessman. Lenny has to make the ransom exchange for the businessman’s kidnapped daughter. But something goes wrong!
  16. Zombie Attack!:‘Professor Clark’s work usually helps people. But this is something new.’ Clark’s helper – Tasha Kiara – is telling Chaz – a local TV reporter about the Professor’s new serum. Then an earthquake hits Clark’s California lab, and his serum brings dead bodies in the cemetery alive. Soon the zombies attack! What happens to Professor Clark? How can Tasha and Chaz stop the zombies? Who lives and who dies? Read this story and see.
  17. Mistery London:Six women are dead because of the Whitechapel Killer. Now another woman lies in a London street and there is blood everywhere. She is very ill. You are the famous detective Mycroft Pound; can you catch the killer before he escapes?
  18. Rich Man, Poor Man:When Old Adam gets a money order from his son in England, he plans to throw a party. But when he tries to cash the money, he uncovers some well kept secrets.
  19. A new home for socks:When Penny moves from her home in the village to a new house in the city she has to leave her friends and pet dog behind. One day, after school, Penny finds a little puppy in the park. He is small and dirty and very frightened. Penny calls him Socks. But Penny’s new house is small and Socks can’t stay with her.
    Can Penny find a new home for Socks?
  20. Starman:The empty centre of Australia. The sun is hot and there are not many people. And when Bill meets a man, alone, standing on an empty road a long way from anywhere, he is surprised and worried. And Bill is right to be worried. Because there is something strange about the man he meets. Very strange . . .

Podéis consultar a vuestros profesores que os recomienden más libros, estarán encantados de poder ayudaros.

Os quería realizar una advertencia, ya que seguramente os surgirán dudas y dificultades que os pueda desanimar en vuestro intento de leer libros en ingles. Al principio, como todo proceso, puede resultar difícil o tedioso, pero no os desaniméis. En la mayoría de los casos estaréis más con el diccionario en la mano que con el libro. En algo normal, pero poco a poco, iréis ampliando vuestro vocabulario y os resultará mucho más sencillo.

Además, si recién comenzasteis a estudiar un segundo idiomanuestro consejo es que comencéis por libros infantiles. Usan palabras sencillas, y frases simples. Podéis leer libros de campos semánticos concretos para ampliar vuestro vocabularioTodo aprendizaje conlleva un tiempo y no podemos pretender comenzar a leer libros por las buenas porque solo os frustraréis. 

Os recomendamos los siguientes pasos, lo cual os ayudará en vuestro esfuerzo. Recordar que nuestro equipo de profesores, os ayudará en cualquier momento.

  1. Escoger correctamente un libro que sea denuestro nivel.
  2. Disponer de un lápiz, libreta y diccionario a mano.
  3. Anotar toda palabraque desconozcamos para buscarla en el diccionario.
  4. Realizar una segunda lecturaen voz alta grabándonos.
  5. Al finalizar,escuchar el audiopara reconocer aquellos errores de speaking que cometemos.

En nuestra academia de ingles de Leganes, encontraréis a vuestra disposición libros en lengua inglesa, para que nuestros alumnos puedan llevarse a casa a seguir aprendiendo.

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